Sri Lanka Activated Carbon Export Down in First Five Months of 2018

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Figures from Sri Lanka’s Coconut Development Authority show the country’s export of activated carbon slid 1.4% to 16,080 MT in January-May this year from 16,315 MT in a similar period year-ago. Shipment value at USD37.658 million was higher by 18.8% from previous year at USD31.699 million.  Average traded price calculated at USD2,341.93/MT FOB rose by 20.5% from prior year at USD1,942.96MT.  For the month of May alone, export was 3,217 MT, topping by just 59 MT prior year figure at 3,158 MT.  Revenue likewise increased at USD8.664 million from USD5.934 million. 

Export during the five-month period went to at least 46 countries. The top three importers held volumes above 1,000 MT and collectively accounted for 47.4% of total trade. Leading the pack was United States with 4,492 MT (28.0% share), followed far behind by China with 2,110 MT (13.1%) and Japan 1,015 MT (6.3%). Twenty-three other countries also took in significant volume ranging 106-914 MT and jointly contributed 49.1%, namely India, Peru, Estonia, Italy, South Korea, Germany, Taiwan, Turkey, Singapore, Russia, Hongkong, Ukraine, Poland, South Africa, France, Sweden, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Netherlands, Canada, Egypt, Kenya and Finland. The remaining 20 countries which aggregately shared 3.5% of total sales took in volume ranging from a low of 1MT to a high of 73 MT.

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