16th Bowling

  StarMall - Coronado Lanes (Thursdays June 8-29, 2017)

Team United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB) successfully
defended its crown for the 15th time this year and was
declared champion. First runner up was CIIF Oil Mills
Group and 2nd runner up was Chemrez Technologies. Next
in rank were Sakamoto Orient Chemicals, Franklin Baker
Company of the Philippines, Peter Paul Philippines, Mixed
Nuts (Pacific Royal Basic Foods and Mitsubishi Living
Essentials) and Pilipinas Kao.

The tournament registered five Club 200 members (men
bowlers with score of at least 200): Marc Matias of UCPB
(score of 236), Angel Arias of Franklin Baker (230), Dong
Clarin of UCPB (213), Jovani Blancaflor of UCPB (201)
and Redentor Galura of Chemrez (200). The ladies division
had only one member in Club 175 (lady bowler with
score of at least 175) in the person of Sylves Castronuevo
of UCPB (203). Individual awardees, ladies’ division, were
Angie Pacumberto of CIIF (High Series); Sylves
Castronuevo (High Average and High Game). In the men’s
division, awardees were: Dong Clarin (High Ave); Marc
Matias (High Series and High Game). Special awards winners
at the last playoff were: Donna Abes of UCPB for the
first to score three consecutive strikes; Men’s Division -
Angel Arias for the first to score four consecutive strikes;
and Jovani Blancaflor for the first to score Split Conversion.

This year’s tournament was sponsored by the following:
GOLD Sponsors - Chemrez Technologies, CIIF
Oil Mills Group, Peter Paul Philippines and United Coconut
Planters Bank; SILVER Sponsors - Franklin Baker
Company of the Philippines, Pilipinas Kao and Pacific Royal
Basic Foods. DONORS: Limketkai Manufacturing Corp.,
CIIF Oil Mills Group, Chemrez Technologies, International
Oil Factory and Peter Paul Philippines.




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