...Of Copra and Copra Meal

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Export of copra in July at 24 MT valued at USD24,840 went exclusively to South Korea.

Shipment of copra meal in the same month at 11,433 MT turned in USD1.884 million.  South Korea was primary destination at 6,686 MT (58.5% share), followed by India at 2,490 MT (21.8%) and Taiwan 1,341 MT (11.7%) which comprised the top three.  Other destinations were Vietnam 719 MT (6.3%), New Zealand 146 MT (1.3%) and China 51 MT (0.4%).

...Of Copra and Copra Meal

Thursday, September 6, 2018

All of the month’s export of copra at 24 MT worth USD24,840 went to South Korea.

On the other hand, outbound load of copra meal amounting to 43,363 MT in May turned in USD7.037 million. India was principal market during the month with 14,179 MT (32.7%), trailed by South Korea with 12,959 MT (29.9%), China 7,150 MT (16.5%), Japan 4,212 MT (9.7%), Hong Kong 3,150 MT (7.3%), Vietnam 1,012 MT (2.3%), Taiwan 700 MT (1.6%).

...Of Copra and Copra Meal

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Shipment of copra in November at 24 MT worth USD24,150 went solely to South Korea.

Delivery of copra meal in the same month at 36,800 MT costing USD5.879 million went mainly to consistent key importers namely South Korea at 13,373 MT (36.3%), India 11,344 MT (30.8%), and Vietnam 11,087 MT (30.1%).  Other markets were Taiwan 962 MT, the US 23 MT and Japan 11 MT.

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