Thursday, July 13, 2017

New guidelines have been launched in Singapore for food manufacturers seeking to develop food products with approved health and nutrition claims, reported the on July 05.  Technical Reference TR 58 has been created by the Singapore Manufacturing Federation Standards Development Organisation (SMF-SDO) and SPRING Singapore, the government enterprise body charged with implementing the city state’s Food Manufacturing Transformation Map.  
The bodies believe that Singapore’s 850 food and beverage companies are poised to tap into the trend for more functional foods.  These food companies can use TR 58 as a guidance document when they develop food products, in order to meet the regulatory requirements set by Singapore’s Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) for health and nutritional claims.  The guidelines take their reference from the Codex Alimentarius recommendations on health and nutritional claims. 
    In Singapore, there are three types of claims food products can carry: nutrition, health, and other claims.  Nutrition claims suggest that food products have nutritive properties such as vitamins and minerals; health claims are descriptions that state or imply that a relationship exists between foods (or their constituents) and health.  Other claims are those not related to nutrition or health claims, and include ‘organic’ and ‘gluten-free.’ 

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