Thursday, July 6, 2017

Export of desiccated coconut in March at 7,628 MT was valued USD17.634 million.  There were 34 country importers of the product, a dozen of which took in volume above 100 MT and together accounted for 86.2% of total sales.  The US maintained its lead in the market cornering more that one-fourth (28.8%) at 2,195 MT.  The next three major buyers, namely Netherlands 823 MT, Australia 630 MT, South Korea 559 MT collectively shared 26.4%.  

Completing the top 12 destinations were countries with uptake ranging 115-483 MT, namely Canada, Belgium, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, Brazil, France and China, with combined market share of 31.0%.  The remaining 22 outlets held volume ranging 12-90 MT and jointly contributed 13.8%:  Taiwan, Japan, Chile, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Georgia, Turkey, Paraguay, Venezuela, South Africa, Thailand, Mexico, Italy, Israel, Sweden, Malaysia, Colombia, Ecuador, Poland, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Peru.  

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