Thursday, July 6, 2017

Export of coconut oil in March consisted of 41,581 MT crude coconut oil, a slightly bigger volume of cochin oil (refined, bleached oil) at 41,917 MT, and 857 MT of RBD oil (refined, bleached and deodorized oil).  The combined value of these oils amounted to USD148.570 million. The US was this month’s top importer at 41,857 MT representing 49.6% of total, dislodging Europe which took in 35,398 MT (42.0% share). Among the non-traditional buyers, China bought 3,730 MT (4.4%) and Japan 2,354 MT (2.8%) to become the third and fourth major markets.  

However, Europe remained the top market for crude coconut oil at 34,541 MT (Netherlands 25,041; Italy 7,000; Switzerland 2,500), followed by the US at 7,000 MT and Taiwan at 40 MT.  Likewise, the US remained the leading buyer of cochin oil at 34,857 MT, trailed by China at 3,730 MT, Japan 2,154 MT, Europe 348 MT (Germany 314, Poland 34), Bangladesh 242 MT, Taiwan 145 MT, Argentina 115 MT, Pakistan 114 MT, Russia 108 MT, Iran 81 MT, and Singapore 22 MT.  Europe led in RBD oil at 508 MT (Netherlands 495, Germany 13), tracked by Japan 200 MT, Sri Lanka 130 MT, Thailand 16 MT, Australia 2 MT.

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